What is your booth telling your customers?

Booth Tips: 3 Things Your Booth Should Tell Customers

It’s nearly fall, and that means trade show season is about to ensue around the nation. And whether you’re traveling to  Delhi or  Bangalore, San Francisco or mumbai this fall, it’s important to make sure your trip is worth the investment. That’s why your trade show booth really needs to speak for itself. But what is your trade show saying to your customers? If it’s not any of the following, you’re probably missing the mark.


It should speak to your brand
When attendees see your booth, there should be no question who is exhibiting. Your brand should come alive with your display. While a fresh and innovative interpretation is always welcome (and will gain attention), it’s important to be true to your branding – that’s what will get remembered.

It should tell them you’re ready to solve their problems

Whether you’re promoting a service or a product, it should speak to a problem your customers have – even if they didn’t know they had that problem before entering your booth! Good marketing at trade shows means showing customers and potential customers an “old way” of doing something and highlighting the “new,” more evolved, easier way to do it. Whether it’s taking advantage of your service or leveraging your product, you have the answer to your customers’ problem – be sure they know it. Read More>>>