5 Ways to Generate Leads From Exhibitions

Exhibitions are one of the most popular platforms for brands to showcase their latest business and solutions to the larger audience. Over the course of the last few years, the approach to trade fair in India, exhibitions and branding has transformed to conquer the well-informed market and the target group. What were once large scale shows that brought together a variety of brands on a single platform have now become personalized.

With new experiences, trade fair companies in India are now hosting exhibitions which are customized for the audience and demographics to generate potential leads. Hence, here are the top ways in which exhibitors can generate high-quality potential leads through their showcase:

Right Brand Messaging – at First Glance

  • What may seem like the obvious often isn’t? The most important thing for any brand at an exhibition is to generate the right interest. That is not possible if the exhibition stall designing is generic by nature. Every brand should spend a reasonable amount of time in designing a stall. The idea is for it to be the showstopper of the event. The stand should include the brand’s message effectively, while also maintaining a unique element. It should be able to draw the attention of the audience towards itself.
  • Exhibition stall designing should have the ability to create an impact, and that is the hook that any exhibitor requires, to initiate an effective conversation with a potential customer.

Proactive Sales Team and on Ground Support

  • Once the brands have their audience hooked on to the stand, it becomes the responsibility of the exhibition organisers, the trade fair companies in India, sales team or the on-ground staff to engage with them. The team present at the booth should be alert and should know at what moment they should start indulging into a conversation with the potential customers.
  • This one on one conversation with the audience holds the ground for all the future transitions or up gradation that the brand will make in their solutions. This will help them understand the consumer demand in a better manner especially at the trade fair in India, and also get to know about the customer purchasing habits.
  • However, the on-ground team should be sufficient enough to know who the potential leads are, and who are window shoppers – present only to gather information. And with that knowledge, they should only engage with potential leads, while leaving the window shoppers within 1-2 minutes of the conversation. This is an important strategy used by trade fair companies in India.

Incorporate Call to Action Elements

  • Another best practice to gather the best of the elements from the exhibition is to get details of the potential leads. To do that, exhibitors should incorporate a call to action elements at their trade show display stands. This could be a short digital survey, which they would have to fill on the spot.
  • There are multiple manners through which exhibitors can manage this – either install vending machines or digital displays on the ground or have a dedicated person who ensures that the booth visitors have been registered with the brand. This tactic would help the brand to generate a large number of potential leads based on the exhibition they’ve participated in. Any leading exhibition stall designing company would be able to help the brands out with this concept.

Social Media Drive: Promote the Brand Throughout the Conference

  • With the onset of social media, it has become a key participant in all the marketing and branding strategies for each company. Hence, trade show marketing plays a key role in engaging with the audience and also generate visibility for the future.
  • Brands need to ensure that they constantly update their social media pages with pictures of designing a stall, quotes, videos and bites from the exhibition, like trade fair in Bangalore so that the potential audience is able to see the brand impact. In order to generate larger visibility, brands should also ensure that they use the right hashtags. Every exhibition would have their own hashtags to go with the event, and brands should have knowledge of using these so that they get noticed by the potential leads.
  • Social media strategy needs to be a key part of all the branding efforts taken up by the brand. Trade fair in Bangalore had a massive social media presence by using these techniques.

Follow up or Get Forgotten

  • Being in the last leg of the exhibition, it is important that brands follow up with the generated leads the very next day. Exhibitions are usually large scale, which implies, that each visitor must have visited multiple booths and met hundreds of people. Don’t expect them to remember unless the conversation was extremely outstanding. Hence, the exhibitors need to check up with all the leads by the very next day or at least in the same week.
  • The follow-ups for the high potential leads should definitely be done by using any narratives discussed during the conversation. Also, keep in mind that generic emails are not very well received by the audience, hence, try and personalize them as much as possible.
  • Personalization is at the heart of every customer communication today, and exhibitors should keep that in mind as they converse with their generated leads. The exhibitors from the trade fair in Bangalore followed up with your leads at a very regular interval.