7 Ways to Double Your Sales Leads Using Trade Shows

Trade fair exhibitions are one of the best ways to market your product/service especially when you are in sectors such as manufacturing, enterprise software, medical devices or real estate.

There are many reasons why you should go to a trade show if you haven’t thought about it:

You can generate leads for your business via trade fair exhibitions.
You can talk to PR agencies and get the attention of the industry you are targeting for trade fair 2019.
You can find good quality distributors/suppliers at the relevant trade fair exhibition 2019.
You can talk to your competition and get a clear understanding of where you stand with respect to your competitors in trade fair exhibitions.
You can build rapport with your potential customers and understand their needs in person.
You can find good quality people from the industry that you can hire.

There is no dearth of reasons why you shouldn’t visit trade fair exhibition 2019, but there are several important dynamics that need to be understood if you are looking to maximize your impact in a trade show.

1. The cost that needs to be spent on a trade show needs to be considered:

Big companies can afford to outmatch your budget. So, it is wise that you get a clear understanding of the companies attending the tradeshow and choose a stall that is strategic in its position to attract your prospects at trade fair 2019.

Location is the most important factor to be considered when you are planning to go to a trade show. Get a floor plan if you need to.

2. Note down your goals from the event:

How do you classify a tradeshow as a success? Note down your goals from the event, be it a lead generation or brand awareness for trade fair exhibition 2019.

If you are attending a tradeshow only for brand awareness, let marketing run the show instead of a salesperson looking to “fetch” a deal in the tradeshow.

Multiple goals that are conflicting or confusing in nature should be avoided if you are looking to maximize your impact in the tradeshow.

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3. Are your competitors getting a booth in the tradeshow?
Do the preliminary research and also prepare a list of creative ideas to find out whether your competition is presenting in the trade fair 2019, this will help in enhancing your current strategy.

Go off centre, be it giving cookies or having a fun game that portrays your company’s personality and even motto.

Most people hardly look at booths around them and unless the company’s message stands out. Get into brainstorming sessions with your team to finalize one or two key messaging points that you would like to portray at the trade fair in Bangalore.

4. Pre-trade show outreach:

Ask your marketing team to research the contacts attending the event and fix up meetings before the date of the event.

Get your social media marketing teams to publicize the news of your company attending the event?

Preparation before the event is vital since most companies don’t get enough time to get on the spot meetings with relevant people.

5. Find out more about the key influencers attending the trade show:

Getting the key influencers to talk about your product/service goes a long way in getting good leads for the trade fair in Bangalore.

Ask your marketing team to do their due research and talk to the influencers personally about your product and how it might benefit the fraternity.

6. Lead generation & follow up:

If lead generation is one of your main objectives from the tradeshow or trade fair in Bangalore, make sure you note down the contact details of the people who attend the event and following up must always be a priority.

Segment the contacts using a priority level and email/call the leads within a week after the end of the event.

7. Document all the details diligently:

Be it in CRM or a different digitized system; document every single lead that you get. You can regard them later through the process of sending emails or phone calls.

Pass on the leads to the sales team if you feel that they require further consideration before they are ready for a product/service demo or purchase.

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