How to Make a Website

This 8 hour course will teach you all the required skills needed when designing and developing a live WordPress website, including using the advanced options of HTML and CSS.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to create websites on their own, and possibly work as a freelancer or employee in the field of web design and development. We cover everything, so even if you've never seen HTML code in your life, you'll be able to quickly jump in.

our teaching team

Stella Lindley

ui/ux web master

A strict teacher that has been teaching since the age of 16. Stella won’t give you any slack, so you will have to do the very best work you’ve done in your life.

Donald Martin

Computer Science

Donald has a PHD in both Computer Science and Design. His beginner course is a must see for any aspiring web professional who want to learn from the best.

Gaby Williams

AI Expert

If there’s someone who can explain anything, Gaby is the one. She teaches you not just how to do something, but why to do it this way and not the other.

Practice makes perfect

We know about your hectic schedule. We also know the only way you truly understand a subject is by practicing it in a real environment. This is why we’ve set a playground area that’s full of hours of exercises, questions and challenges. It even has a gaming section. 

The best campus facilities

In addition to our online classroom, we also offer an option to take part in a live classroom. It takes place in our vast campus located in Westfield, London. Here you’ll be able to use the most up-to-date facilities and computer equipment.

Learn from the very best

Join our course and start building the most wanted career available today. We make sure every class is easily understood, and that all students reach the same level of expertise needed for today’s hi-tech industry.

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Deciding to exhibit at a trade show can cost your company a lot of money, resources and time. Strategically planning for this event can help you get the most out of your trade show experience. Hopefully, these 5 tips help you to get more      

Get Positioned Rightly

Your stall position matters a lot. You cannot only decide any position and erect the Stall but at the desired place. Most of the trade shows will offer prime location booths for an extra charge.

Your Stall is the Key to Attraction

Remember whatever the footfall is available in the trade show, is recognizing you at the first look of your booth. And the first impression is the last impression. So if you can’t impress the footfall at the first go, then the chances are already decreasing down to 40-60.

To refrain from that, you have to give you booth an appealing design. It should be simple, unique, and approachable. We would suggest you have a variety of different display options to appeal to different people. Some people like flyers, pamphlets, and reading materials. So don’t compromise on this part. Remember, our stall designing is the epitome of your lead generation. Know more about attractive stall designing.

Emphasise on Leads

Be it you are willing to get more leads, maximum footfalls, or genuine conversions, all you have to do it represent your fundamentals prominently! Being a participant, you must have some unique selling propositions in your product or services which you need to call out. Hence the skilled workforce you are keeping at your Stall has to be sharp to subtly put the USP in the point and impress the buyer.

Your Host Brings Footfalls

Smiling faces of professional booth attendants are essential. People who are coming to your Stall needs to be treated well and served with their questions. Better to consider a trained host, who can simply answer their questions but yet convincing and convert them to prospects.

Everyone Loves Entertainment

There might be a time when you see the football is not coming. Doing activities like bringing models, singers, providing pantry and refreshments etc. can boost it up. Also, you can keep models as your hosts.

A successful trade show involves excellent planning and execution. This trade show game is also risky as it is a short term program but needs a lot of efforts to fetch the right output.

Get Associated With the Right Stall Designer

The market for stall designers has become very competitive today. Hence once you book your space in the exhibition, you will be flooded with calls. Before making a deal to any of them be sure to check their portfolio, designing samples, the companies they have worked.

Maximum of the top quality designers will surely have one or more benchmark brand they have worked with.

Make Sure No Third Party is Ruining Your Deal

Better to go with those stall designers who have their production unit. Many agencies dealing with third party units, sometimes lack to deliver at the right time. Design & build companies having their in house material is more preferable.

We @ INDORSE, are specialized in managing trade shows.

Our strength is to design the most preferred Stall for the business. Including that, we are also into pantry and hosting. Over the years, we have learned the essentials elements. We are here to help you.



They say that you have three seconds to compel potential visitors to explore your trade show booth, and the nature of trade shows means that exhibitors are in direct competition for the attention of visitors. Most attendees will only actually manage to visit around 10 per cent of the booths at a trade show.

How can you accomplish that in such a little time and with so much competition?

Fact is that people at trade shows are judging books by their covers. How can you make your book cover the most attractive in the room? Below are some handful of tips on how aptly to use the space available for your booth to make it stand out in the crowd:

1. Don’t Hold Back on Your Expectations

When working with an exhibit company like Indorse Trade Fair Media Pvt. Ltd, don’t temper your expectations assuming something cannot be done. Ask for the moon, and then let us figure out if and how it can be done. In other words, never hold back.

Also, remember bigger doesn’t always mean better with trade show displays, and we at Indorse can work within your budget to build a booth that will leave a lasting impression without breaking the bank.

2. Choose Your Space Carefully

The key step to capitalizing on the amount of space available in a trade show is to select your floor space carefully whenever possible. Although space in most trade shows tends to be made available in standard sizes, like 10×10, or 20×20, not all of them are equal in reality and some positions on the exhibition floor are easier to work with.

For most modular stands, it is best to avoid the corners of the room, as the walls of the room will make it impossible for visitors to make use of the space immediately surrounding your stand. For the same reason, you would also want to avoid any space in proximity to another company’s booth.

Try to choose a space that will allow your booth to be accessible on at least three sides and, with some designs, all four at best.

3. Include a Meeting Area

Another great way to free up space and make a booth seem less cramped is to include a dedicated meeting area, where you can sit down with visitors and have lengthier conversations. Whether you choose to have a formal or informal setup, there are many options to suit your business needs.

For visitors walking outside your booth, it can look a lot less intimidating to approach than a booth filled with people standing around talking.

4. Add Economical Technological Conveniences

Most booths offer visitors a way to charge their smartphones. Moreover, while they’re charging their phones, why not offer them free Wi-Fi to use as well.

Better yet, put a QR code (QR CODING can be created during MYFAIRTOOL to captivate your visitors) next to the charging station, so they can link to your website/YouTube video in the meantime. Providing this convenience is likely to become easier as wireless phone charging is becoming more and more popular.

5. Use Lighting to Attract Visitors

Whether you have a kiosk, pop up display, tabletop display, or a sprawling 5000-square-foot exhibit, one thing remains vitally important: Effective lighting. Most successful booths employ lighting in three ways.

i) To attract visitors –

use coloured LED tape, uplights and moving lights

ii) Accent to highlight –

If you have literature you want visitors to read, you’ll need your lighting to accent things such as your logo or any products you are displaying

Human crossing

You could use anything from recessed lighting to track lighting so that your booth looks flattering. Opt for warmer lighting temperatures and make sure it is bright enough; otherwise, people might think they are talking to a blue-hued zombie.



“Be audacious and memorable but smart and relevant.” – Ken Krogue.

These could very well be your top secrets for a successful trade show booth. You must have noticed some booths doing exceptionally well at trade shows than others as if they know what exactly goes into the secret recipe of their success.

Good thing is, we have listed below that secret formula for you, which is applied behind every successful trade show booth experience.

1. The power of first impressions

Studies tell us that the first opinion of someone is formed in just one-tenth of a second. Not surprisingly, it works the same for brands as well. In fact, it takes one-fifth of a second to form an opinion about the design of a website when we first look at it.

A creative booth can give you a much-needed edge over others at the show. For example, check out this brilliant booth design. They seem to know exactly what their brand imagery is doing here. Make your booth stand out. It’s all about first impressions.

2. The art of being approachable

In addition to having a creative booth look, it is equally important to make sure you have some friendly faces behind the booth to attend customers who might be looking for some additional information.

It also helps to have different display selections to appeal to different kinds of buyers. Since most of us prefer to see than read, it makes a high definition impact if interactive HD displays are enhancing the understanding of your products and services.

3. Think about how you invite

Appearing good is one thing, having people actually come drifting to your booth is another. More often than not, we all get attracted to places where we have more chances of getting ‘something’ in return.

Maybe you can introduce a game or two! Who doesn’t like to win? Interactive activities, promotional giveaways, stickers, neon bands with your logo on it, are some of the things, which if worn/held by the attendees can leave a great impact on others too.

4. Make your products self-informing

It is possible that not all brands find a way to display themselves in an easy and creative manner. So, what do they do? They present their products and services in an interactive manner, which attract the crowd.

Touch screens are one such blessing which makes everyone want to tap a finger or two. Not only does this generate interest, but it also makes the attendees explore deep into the offerings and your brand in general.

5. People always remember an experience

We all are highly receptive to great experiences that leave a lasting impact. Charity Water has excelled this part of their marketing plan.

During one of the trade shows, they invited people to walk with 40lb jugs of water across 50 yards to give them a taste of what people in remote villages feel like while fetching clean drinking water from miles away!

Didn’t it leave an impact just by reading about it? Charity Water created an experience, which visitors couldn’t help but connect with. That’s how powerful an experience can be.

6. Always count your top clients in

Do you think it will be great to have clients who are already invested in your products at your trade shows?

We think so! It is a lot easier to get people who have bought your products and services before than those who are buying for the first time.

To make it big, always buy your best clients a ticket to your next show. It will give you an automatic return on investment and goes without saying, will increase your brand value by multifold.

7. Don’t just sell

Have you found it odd when people are only talking about themselves and take no interest in you?

Imagine if you are doing the same thing with your prospects. The best way to spark an interest in your brand is to show interest in others first. Ask them what they do and where they come from, what brought them to the trade show, etc to get a hint of what they are looking for.

Naturally, they will respond with an answer and a follow-up question. Keep doing it and you will be a natural at attracting customers!

8. Little hospitality goes a long way

A cup of soothing tea or strong coffee, some cookies and comfortable seating, and they will already feel like home. To enhance this warm feeling, even more, you can probably label the eateries as homemade.

Doesn’t it automatically make you feel connected?

Treat them like you would anyone else if they walked into your home – the best place to exchange generosity and interest. People won’t be able to help the ‘welcoming’ feeling they get at your booth and they might just return the same.

9. Don’t forget to follow up & Quick

The longer you wait to follow up with your visitors, the sooner they will forget about you.

Since they must have attended many different booths and as much as you would like to believe that you were different, it is slightly tough to remember how you were different and who you were in the first place.

10. Reach out quickly

The day after the show, end them an email or approach through their preferred form of communication and extend the same experience, feeling and atmosphere to them.


Make full use of your vision and see that getting manifested in the most creative manner. Don’t go over the top if it doesn’t serve your purpose.

Be true to your objective and string that into the rope of impactful experiences. Make it worth their time. And yours. Before you go, take a look at some of the creative booths here and get inspired for your next big customer experience.



Brands and companies are evolving at a pace like never before!

This has also lead to increased competition between them. It has now become essential for companies to excite their customers with unique and new-found methods. Trade shows and seminars are not untouched by this wave of the change. Either and companies are deploying some of the best trade show marketing methods to capture leads and win over customers.

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What Exactly Is Trade Show Marketing?

Trade Show Marketing is a way of generating leads, nurturing prospects, building brand awareness and enhancing customer relationships.

Unlike in the past, trade show exhibitions these days include glitz and glamour and top class arrangements to attract more customers.

Companies invest in significant resources to amaze people with their creativity. But unfortunately, that alone cannot guarantee success. You need to have a marketing plan in place months before the actual exhibition.

Why Is This Decade The Golden Period For Trade Show Marketing?
Science and Technology

With the advancement of science, comes an era of advanced technology as well. Even small businesses cannot think of working without technology. The last ten years have seen an increasing trend of wireless connectivity and substantial HD displays which are tremendously used in these events.

From wireless to LCD, and all other technology that was once out of limits, have become an essential part of any trade show in the last ten years. If you talk about what it can do, people are sending in telepresence robots in their place if due to location constraints they cannot attend a particular exhibition. Impressive, right?

Immense Growth in Social Media

There has been massive growth when it comes to social media as well. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc. are used by various exhibitors to advertise their products. And then, there are those who totally ignore the potential of these platforms and lose the chance to advertise their best.

Social media is one of the best stages to market your brand, especially if you are digital savvy. You can provide customers/attendees with discounts, post relevant information on social media pages, and earn yourself an enormous potential for promoting and attracting the audience to your trade shows.

Geo-targeting options have made it even more accessible to attract people who might be nearby, even if they were unaware of the event.

Providing Substance

Gone are the days when it was all about the messaging.

Now the advanced marketing and analytical tools at hand, exhibitors are going beyond plain messaging and into offering more substance by making a great customer experience, the invention of more innovative products and services and delivery of functional objectives possible.

Marketers across the industry are raising the bar by making their goals customer-centric and consistently providing excellent customer experience. This exceptional growth in marketing tools and techniques in the last decade has made it possible to not only have a real-time impact but also evaluate it.

Making it Swift

The dawn of the golden age of marketing has already begun with a swift. Well, quite literally!

Marketing is no longer a ‘period’ process but an ongoing one. With a swift change in consumer preferences, dynamics of product life cycles, and techniques; it has made marketers aware of the fact that they have to deliver at a much higher velocity than before. And since complexity is the biggest enemy of speed, it has also encouraged marketers to have simplified products and strategies, which are easy to understand and execute.

Although, we can confidently say that the advancements which have been taking place since the last decade have been the most important for trade shows and this indeed is the golden era of trade show marketing.

These are a few questions that you can ask yourself to make sure you are at the right pace:

  1. Are you slower or faster than your competitors?
  2. Do you fully exploit the power of various social media platforms?
  3. Do you have a clear story of your brand which captures the minds of the customers?
  4. Are you making the most of marketing and technical tools available to upscale your growth?
  5. Are you taking full advantage of the science and data insights uncovered through research for your brand?

It’s time to enter the Solar System as Bangalore gears up for its Intersolar India exhibition on November 27-29, 2019 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre!

Focusing on areas of photovoltaics, PV production technologies, solar plants, and solar thermal technologies, this event will provide solutions for electrical energy storage and its mobility. 

As Intersolar becomes one of the most important industry platforms for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, service providers, and partners in the global solar industry, it is now just as important to make your presence known at the event.

One of the most crucial elements of a successful trade show is the booth at which your brand is displayed. Because the booth essentially acts as a platform to hear about recent developments, propositions, and test out new products, it is important for you to ensure that it conveys the image you want to portray of your company and holds the interest of potential customers.

This is why assigning booth installation to just anyone is not exactly the best decision. Instead, opting for a company like INDORSE that understands your objectives and employs designers for custom stall designs would be optimal.

This means that you have the opportunity to be truly creative to communicate with the attendees not just through your employees behind the booth but also through the booth by itself.

While choosing trade fair service providers, it is important to remember some of the following points:

  1. Have a consistent branding throughout the exhibition. No matter which area you cover and accessories you install, they should all reflect your brand’s image.
  2. Be blatant about your company’s occupation. Unless your reach is spread across the world on a huge scale, it is not safe to presume that the attendees will be aware of what you do.
  3. Be bold with creativity: use vibrant colours and designs that are sure to catch the eye.
  4. One tactic that has been sure to veer the focus is ‘giveaways’. If your booth has a provision of a small prize of sorts, it could allow the gathering to steer towards you.
  5. It is essential that you employ services from a firm that has great relations with the local vendor to make installation of designs more convenient for you. This also allows the company to cater to you in times of unfortunate mishaps.


Custom Stall Designs for the Modern Exhibitors

People can get easily bored with traditional booth designs. They want to see something new, something creative, making the marketers ditch their old methods to embrace new technology and developments in the industry to demonstrate their flexibility and openness to change.

In order to be noticed among the numerous booths at the exhibition, it has become important to employ companies like INDORSE that patiently hear you out, thoroughly understand what your company stands for, and after a process of regular discussion, comes up with creative and interactive designs that are not only true to your brand, but also interesting to the attendees.

Thinking globally, Act locally

Because there is so much more to a booth than a few posters, it becomes important to avail local vendors who use locally sourced products.

Not only does this show your commitment towards encouraging local business, but a local vendor would have way more information about the market than someone who is new to the city.

INDORSE is one of the trade fair service providers in Bangalore that provides a variety of services ranging from custom stall designs, providing the technology and marketing involved in developing and promoting the booth from all aspects.

Our Own Production Unit

Often companies find it very expensive to set their booths.

These expenses are inevitable in the case of companies that outsource their productions. INDORSE has been able to eliminate the middlemen by setting up its own production unit, thus saving your coin. This is the only firm in Bangalore which has its own unit and is expanding consistently, to give the best services.

Not Just a Stall Design Company

INDORSE is not your regular stall design company. It employs creative designers, and top class marketing tools in order to get the best results without wasting your valuable time and money. It tracks and analyses the trends and your company performance and makes changes for the better accordingly, so you get better ROI.

Biggest Lead-Generation Hack, You Need to Know

Two of the most precious resources a company has are time and money. Companies rigorously try to gain leads as they go about promoting their companies. Sadly, 78% of the leads are wasted because of an unsatisfactory follow-up. These losses don’t just prove to be setbacks, but they also make it harder for the brand to succeed.

So, is there a solution?

Glad you asked!

There is! My Fair Tool is an online exhibition software that assists you in managing your event at every step of the process – be it budgeting or return of investment (ROI). For example, all over the world, there are several shows organised by the solar industry.

How do you know which exhibition has had the best returns? My Fair Tool helps you track your expenses and to take notes for the future. This way you have easy access to checklists, budgeting, cost control, and brand promotion.

It becomes very convenient for brands that use software like My Fair Tool to get a clear picture of their lead generation, conversions, and gives them an insight into their team’s efforts.

Conclusion INDORSE

Each year, Intersolar India negotiates new partnerships with associations, non-profit organizations and governmental institutions to attract new professionals globally.

It is important to note that last year visitors from more than fifty countries decided to travel to India for the exhibit. With companies like INDORSE at your service, you can employ creative decisions and designs that not only match your expectations but will also let you make use of local resources for your attendees to have a hassle-free experience.


– Date November – 27-29, 2019

– Opening Hours
10:00am-6:00pm | Wednesday
10:00am-6:00pm | Thursday
10:00am-5:00pm | Friday

– Location – Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, 10th Mile, Tumkur Road, Madavara Post, Dasanapura Hobli Bangalore, 562 123, India, | INDORSE

– Parallel Exhibitions – ees India, Power2Drive India
– Conference – Intersolar India Conference

– Exhibitors – 250+
– Visitors – 10,000+
– Speakers – 150+



2018 is the time when customers have become more aware of their demands and their patience for anything else has noticeably decreased.

As a seller, you need to keep up with the trends and cater to them something that would prove to be engaging and fruitful.

Here are some of the trends that have started making rounds that we believe will take your trade show a long way and significantly increase customer engagement.


At a trade show, what matters most is the visitor’s total experience – one that is beyond the confines of a booth.

Employing new materials and textures can enhance user experience and can prove to be a game changer this year. Keep in mind that booth design is no longer just about architecture which makes it important for you to treat the trade show environment as such.

We help you focus on the human-centric space at the trade show by analysing the design ideas you have in mind and aligning them with the needs of potential customers.

Social Media

The advent of social media has met with heavy integration in everyday life and that also includes the role social media plays in promoting a trade show. It is social media that encourages engagement with customers at times when fewer people prefer face to face communication.

Although this seems contradictory to the aim of trade shows or exhibitions which prioritize offline engagement, using social media in the right manner can boost the presence of attendees at your show.

We will provide you with the best of technology to come up with engaging posts. These posts could range from images, videos, location, and even incentives for attendees for visiting your booth.

Charging Stations

One strategy that is bound to attract traffic and get a potential client to stay at a booth space for an extended period of time is to incorporate charging stations as a part of your booth.

These accessories offer the audience a service that is for the most part, high in demand at any venue. This also gives you an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation to promote your products.

The tactic comes in handy at a time when attention span for many has been significantly reduced over the period of time.

Sensory Engagement

Because trade shows are meant to be a multi-sensory experience, tactile elements like wood or cardboard do really well with beautiful lights, stunning sound effects, or fragrances that might garner attention.

It is possible that engaging all senses simultaneously can prove to be too overwhelming for the audience, but that’s where the creativity of a successful booth designer lies.

We have a team of able designers who can pull those unique elements and bring the space to life and incorporate sights, sounds, smells and experiences that are bound to wow the audience.

Year-long Program

This year, look at every event (say trade shows, exhibitions, etc) as a part of a holistic program. Instead of approaching every show on the calendar as an isolated event, this year we will help you give your show a creative spin.

Starting with organizing the show calendar into tiers, aligning different elements of the marketing plan so that they work in concert with each other, and then maximizing spending and the effectiveness of the program are some of the steps involved in this process.

Furniture and Flooring

Since trade shows are all about creating a positive experience for the audience and getting exposure for the company, our aim is to have the audience walk out of the trade show with a new vision and excitement for the products that they have witnessed.

It could involve modern booth furniture and fixtures like modern lighting. Incorporating furniture and flooring meant for lounging is a great way of attracting the audience and leaving a lasting impression on them.

We, INDORSE believe that it is this trend that will allow you to sell your product and create meaningful relationships with your customers simultaneously.

This is because creating a fun and welcoming environment for the attendees is not only relaxing but also makes them receptive to new ideas.



Trade show events are a great platform for exhibitors to meet their potential clients and connect with them. One of the factors that ensure a positive response is an eye-catching booth design.

It not only attracts the target audience but also aptly represents your company, the first step you need to take towards it is to enlist the right experts to design your booth. Only a trade show with the right experts can prove to be effectively engaging and help you reach your estimated goals for the event.

In order to significantly reduce the chances of miscues simultaneously increasing the overall performance of the marketing program, and making the leading key stakeholders in the organization to feel that the trade show is worth the investment.

Here are some of the things you need to ensure before you get down to assigning personnel for the show:

  1. Evaluate the personality and disposition of potential team members in a manner that the roles assigned are the best fit for who they are as people.
  2. Make sure there is a right mix of skill sets to represent the company so that there is a balance.
  3. Be sure to clearly outline the expectations and responsibilities that the team needs to prepare themselves for before the show.
  4. Make sure the staff knows what it is that your company is looking to accomplish by participating in the show.
  5. Do not rush. Take sufficient time to think about your organisation’s goals for the show, and make a list of skills, competencies, and knowledge that would be required of the experts working on the show.

It is trade fair services like INDORSE that make the job of getting the right experts for an event easier.

Whether it is to assist you in assessing the choices available for display or building a custom trade show exhibit from scratch, they serve as a source of expertise and support during your exhibiting journey.

But how do you know that the experts you choose are right for you?

How do you decide if they will prove to have a rewarding, helpful, and ultimately productive relationship with your company?

Here are a few qualities that can put your doubts to rest:

Proven expertise

This is important for any trade show booth design. Before hiring an expert, you must know how knowledgeable and experienced they are in the trade show industry. One indication is the length of time they have been in the business.

You are looking to find someone who has been in the business for years and will be better equipped to handle your exhibiting needs and any problems that come up during the course of designing the booth. That, however, should not necessarily be a deal breaker.

After all, you can avail the same quality of services from a newbie provided that you have made a careful selection.

Comprehensive Services

You must hire experts who would be able to offer you comprehensive services i.e they must offer broader services even if you employ only a few of them.

For example, a company may offer trade show services like transportation, installation/dismantling etc in addition to the design services.

This is helpful in gaining reliable support during the event. Also, by having a company that offers other services as well, you set yourself up for a wholesome and satisfying trade show experience.

Personalised Design Process

Every exhibitor has different needs from each other even if you have the same goal. However, even if the desired end result is the same, the way you go about achieving that goal will be different because of how your brand’s personality is.

After all, you are a unique brand by yourself. This is why it becomes important to look for a company that provides a personalized design process rather than one that tries to fit you in a box. Here, you will be able to choose your needs and create a design that is tailored to your specific needs, thus capturing your individuality in the custom trade show exhibit.

Look for experts who would provide you with a personal consultation before the design process, ones that are willing to listen and respond to your vision and goals for the display, provide you with 3D renderings, and offer you suggestions that align with your specific exhibiting needs.


More often than not, creativity is underestimated among exhibitors. Little does one realize that it is one of the secret ingredients to making a successful display.

Creative solutions can go a long way in helping you find a way to incorporate the right features even when you are on tight budgets. A creative design layout or feature might be a component that would stand out from the competition and help you capture the target’s attention.

Experts that demonstrate their openness to new ideas and innovation are the ideal ones for you to hire when you are looking to design your next booth. Trade show service companies like Indorse ensure that they not only have specialists with experience but also have a creative mindset towards their work.



One of the biggest worries that participants of any trade show or exhibit have is the need to design their booth in a way that it stands out and attracts appropriate attention.

After all, trade shows are the popular medium of showcasing their products and ideas. It also allows consumers to examine the products and services a company has to offer as well as compare it to other products available.

All of this is made possible with the help of booths that are installed during the shows not only for exhibition but also for enquiry about the products which is one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing and promotion for companies.

Some of the factors that are crucial in making a booth design success are:

  1. It should hold the attention of the viewers
  2. Must be well organised and cost-effective
  3. Should be the portrayal of a positive brand image of the company
  4. Should allow an easy flow of communication of ideas and concepts from clients to visitors

The person who is responsible for creating such a booth is the Exhibition Designer. Their job includes everything that is needed to set up an exhibition. They are the ones who discuss the ideas with clients and sketch the rough outline of how the booth is going to be.

They are also responsible for technicalities during the event And one of the major qualities required in a booth designer is her/his creativity and imagination. They can literally make or break an exhibition stall. Trade shows have been going on for years and off late, there has been a kind of saturation in the kind of booths that are being presented to the attendees.

INDORSE provides you with highly skilled and creative booth designers with the capability to stir up a storm with their fresh and unique ideas. They understand the brand image, company ethics and values to work on booths to the best of their abilities.

These come handy while portraying a strong brand image. They present ideas that can be easily communicated and received. These highly creative booth designers of Indorse have the ability to keep up and make the most of technological advancements which have happened over time and remain up to date with current design trends.

After all, it would be uninteresting and rather disappointing for attendees to have a booth that looks archaic.

INDORSE’s creative professionals not only find unbeatable ways of employing cost-effective designs so that the budget remains in control but also ensure that the services delivered are of top-notch quality. For a trade show or exhibition to be as successful as anticipated, there is a need to have the financial and intellectual ability.

An investment in the best exhibition designers is a smart move towards ensuring the success of the show.



While your display plays a pivotal role in attracting visitors to your booth, many times exhibitors don’t realise that good staffs play an equal role.

To accrue maximum benefit out of a trade event booth, it is crucial to hire the right staff. A polite and smart booth staffer can make all the difference to your trade show by enhancing the brand name and boosting sales at the right time. If there is no polished and engaging team behind the booth representing your business, visitors can quickly flee to a more knowledgeable and welcoming booth.

                                                                              So, what do you do?

You cannot spend too much of your budget hiring esteemed professionals, nor can you completely leave it to chance. It is, in fact, a common dilemma in every type of industry when it comes to hiring the right staff.

To guide you in selecting a dream booth staff team, let’s have a look at some tips below:

1. Are they motivated enough?

Select staffers who are genuinely interested in staffing your booth motivation is the key, even if they don’t have the highest IQ. Try to understand if they at least have the right attitude and aptitude then, gradually train them for the show.

Booth staffers need to be trained not to dwell upon giving too much history of the company but wisely disseminate information based on the present situation.

2. Are they experienced enough?

Trade shows are a great way to make an effective first impression, and for many businesses, it might just be the first time that they are exhibiting.

In that case, don’t let an inexperienced person squander your reputation who won’t be able to handle questions from the attendees or provide relevant information about the company. Make sure they know enough of the objectives of your company and are well aligned with your goals.

3. Do they have the right attitude?

What happens when you realise that you have been talking to someone who actually doesn’t want to talk to you? The situation gets awkward, right?

To avoid such a situation to happen at your booth, it is imperative that you choose only those representatives who actually want to be there. Visitors can catch in a nano-second if the conversation is forced from their side and leave your booth in half of that nano-second.

4. Do they know enough about your products?

While they may know nothing about your company and its offerings when they expressed interest in working behind the booth, it can tell a lot about them if they came prepared and had at least some information about your products.

Needless to say, product training cannot be underestimated, especially if you are planning to launch new products during the trade show. Right product knowledge ensures that they can communicate effectively and efficiently to the attendees and help them build trust in you.

Booth staffers at any trade show represent your brand like ambassadors, and so what they do and say can have a great impact on your business.

Your trade show will be successful only if you have the right team backing you up, especially when you are not physically there. Don’t underestimate the power of who is handling your booth at the event, as it could be the deal breaker.


  • To fully put your invested money to good use, you need to have a tradeshow booth that is eye-catching and unique. Sometimes, it feels that the only constant in the marketing industry is its rapid evolution.

– The latest design trends
– The technological advancements
– The unique use of materials, etc.

It can be quite exciting to catch up with emerging trends. You might call it architecture or the art of attracting customers, which goes beyond the confines of a booth. Trade show displays which are not able to strike a chord with customers at first look area sure shot recipe for business loss.

Each year there are a plethora of new trends at trade events that serve different industries, which have also realised that it is about the total customer experience. There are various fresh booth concepts as well as out of the box evaluation tools to engage new attendees in marketing your firm at trade shows.

Some trends are merely evolving while some are new and will develop over time to capture the markets.

1. Retro Outlook

The eighties had a lovely feel to that era and late ’80s were even more mystical and magical. Ever since it had been riding on our memories with a smoky nostalgia of pastels and neons, which are again an in-thing in exhibit displays.

However, it needs to be done quite tastefully as not everyone fancies pastels or even 80s.

2. Striking Colors

It is an exciting fact that X-styled lighting system is coming back to trend. If you are keen to make your display stand out, use coloured lighting on the overhead array.

As light are an important tool, its absence or presence can hugely impact the whole look of your booth. Draw people in for a closer look, without taking away the element of surprise by too much lighting.

3. Technology: Changing Face of Booths

Technology is fast creeping into trade shows to make display booths more appealing.

Almost all companies are encouraging the integration of technology in their booths to gather attendee’s data. Virtual reality is one such big hit with companies to appeal to those who find it difficult to attend trade show events.

Apart from that, interactive games at the booth can improve attendee engagement and help collate and collect their data.

4. Personal Connections do Matter

There can be no replacement to the vital role the connections, be it personal or professional, play at trade shows.

People who visit your booth will end up discussing it with their staff, thereby encouraging them to learn more about your company and become a lead. Just like technology, this trend is getting popular with each passing day and is here to stay.

A marketing event with the well thought out theme will help give a clear sense of direction of your products and services.

5. Engage the Senses

How about making your booth a multi-sensory experience?

We bet, you already like the ‘sound’ of it! Think of ways to engage more than one or two senses, without overwhelming the attendees.

Imagine how alive your booth can be if they can feel, smell, taste, see and touch an experience that you are providing them at the show. If you have not changed your display designs for a long time, then it is only time to give it a thought because as we know, change is the only constant. .



Trade shows are huge B2B businesses. Many industries are trying to get into trade shows for better business results as well as profits. It is highly important to weigh and understand the risks and benefits before getting your services or products out there.

There are many trade fair example, which helps us understand the small aspects of trade fairs, which in turn can help us in a profitable outcome for our business. An exhibitor must clearly understand the trade fair exhibition definition before he or she invests in a booth. Trade shows in these times are highly profitable.

They help in increasing the credibility as well as the visibility aspect of a brand. Trade shows in Bangalore help any brand, be it a big established one or a small one to enhance their presence in this industry.

Better presence helps in getting new, fresh and more potential customers. Which of course will be profitable in the end. Trade shows in Bangalore are one of the best ways for any brand to become a reliable source of service.

When customers trust you they, in turn, purchase the services, which will lead to profitable business results. Many trade fair example, use the right strategy to get more reliable clients that get highly credible leads for their business. Getting potential leads is one of the most important aspects of trade fair exhibition definition.

More leads equal to more profit. Another reason for trade shows being profitable especially in today’s times is that they help a company or brand in understanding as to what works and what doesn’t.

Trade shows in Bangalore are a great way of understanding the direction in which your company is going. With the right knowledge of these aspects and trade fair example, any company can increase their profits easily.  Being clear about the trade fair exhibition definition, a company can double up their sales through trade shows in Bangalore.

A lot of companies depend on reputation and trust for their sales. Trade shows in Bangalore help in developing as well as strengthening your brand. Big trade fair example shows that being a part of a trade show, helps customers to understand that your brand is reliable, serious and trustworthy.

Startup’s can reap a good amount of profit by being a part of trade shows. It helps them develop their trade fair exhibition definition.  Trade shows are a great way to increase sales for companies that have just started out. They often lead by trade fair example.

Small businesses should target in building their brand in front of a wide range of audience so that it helps them generate better leads and more potential customers for the sales ahead.

Buying a booth that suits the finances of your company, using strategic means to enhance visibility and also being wise while interacting with customers are often the best ways to enhance profits.

Leading by trade fair example and understanding trade fair exhibition definition can greatly increase the credibility and profits of your company.



In layman’s terms, trade shows are events in which different companies showcase their services or products to a large audience. Trade fairs in India happen face to face and help in generating a good amount of potential leads.

Trade shows can be considered as a means of advertising. Trade shows have always been one of the top platforms for advertising new goods and services. They also help in building bonds between different companies from the same industry.

Trade shows often help in getting an insight into your competitor’s strategies and ways of going about their business. Trade shows have emerged as good marketing tools for various companies. Designing a stall has now become very relevant and reaps good profits as well. Trade fairs in India can help advertise and market many different services. Nowadays even musicians market themselves through trade shows.

This helps them getting attention and being noticed by a large amount of audience. For advertising any trade fairs in India, like, stall fabrication, a particular company must focus on these small little aspects that can make a lot of difference.

  • Paying Attention to small aspects while designing a stall
  • Research about different competitor’s at trade fairs in India
  • Preparation of how to sell your services like stall fabrication

Trade shows offer a variety of ways through which a company can advertise its products or services to especially a new set of potential customers. One needs to understand that advertising and increasing the awareness of your brand or services is the key to a good and profitable business. Good advertising at trade shows will, in turn, increase the sales aspect of your company.

Trade shows greatly help in increasing the advertising for stall fabrication and designing a stall becomes even better due to trade fairs. Trade shows have always been a mix of advertising, marketing and sales. That’s why they have always helped in reaping ample amount of profit for companies.

Small scale business’s get the attention they need at trade fairs. Trade show advertising helps in gaining the reputation, credibility and trust that a company requires to sell their products and services. In the end, these three aspects hold great importance while generating potential leads. Even the audience looks for credible services.

New business companies view trade shows as a means of strong advertising and old ones take the help of trade shows to enhance their current reputation as well as sales. Successful consumer marketing greatly happens through trade show advertising and a proper plan for advertising must be made for better success.

In today’s world advertising on different platforms is the key to a successful business is stall designing. Advertising increases awareness. It benefits in terms of generates more interest, consideration and lastly action which is the sole purpose of trade fairs.



Have you ever thought about why there are trade shows taking places & why are they so important?

Trade shows have always been a medium where you are marketing your brand with formal permission. It allows visitors to make conscious decisions to attend such shows and want to purchase your brand gradually.

You hire people for exhibition stall designing so that you stand out among all the other stalls to present there. In this modern age too you would prefer selling off your brand products by face to face interactions. A number of stall designing company may come for the trade shows to promote themselves. It is your duty to stand out with your brand of stall designing and fabrication and invest your time wisely.

Here are the top 5 reasons why trade shows exhibition worth it:  

It’s a medium of establishing the brand identity In whichever stature your business is at, you need to demonstrate the best quality of your brand in a trade show.

You need to stand out among all other stall designing company which are participating in the fair. You need to show your commitment to stall designing and fabrication so that buyers get the assurance of your brand and you are able to make more profit. One needs to assert the importance of their brand to gain maximum orders from the buyers.  

Interacting face to face with your audience To grow your business one needs to have face to face interaction with their audience. You need to participate in various exhibition stall designing so that you get to interact with more audience. Good interactions allow you to get maximum clients for your company in comparison to any other stall designing company.

With proper exhibition stall designing, you are able to target the correct audience for your brand. Expanding the company’s market reach You need to break through and need to promote your company’s expertise to stall designing and fabrication to gain maximum international buyers. These fairs let you meet the diverse professionals exiting in the industry. This, in turn, expands your business among other stall designing company. These people, in turn, promote your business on media and various e-commerce mediums.

Promoting your brand and products Both your exhibition stall designing and your exhibition stand to act as a shop window for your brand and its products. It allows your customers to have a hands-on experience of your products. You can now bring your buyers closer to the personality of your branded products as they touch and try them.

This makes you unique among the other stall designing and fabrication companies marketing online. Knowing the insights of other stall designing company Networking is a key factor in achieving success in promoting your brand or company.

The exhibition stall designing helps you to get associated with various suppliers, distributors, buyers and other eminent professionals in the same industry. Your brand grows if you are well versed with the insights of other stall designing and fabrication companies. You need to learn from your peers and then implement your won education in making your brand the best one!



Events are an integral part of a corporate firm’s life. From visitors enquiring about your brand’s products, or your sales agents walking around with flyers, it is a glimpse of what your firm does in its daily operations.

The events industry is on a growth path to cross around Rs. 10,000 crores by 2021. Even though a lot of interactions have moved online, the backbone will still remain as to how clients promote their products or services, or how your audience come across your brand and engage with it.

That is where the exhibition booth design comes into the picture.  The only difference between how you dream the booth should look like and what is actually delivered depends on the kind of booth designer and stall designing company you choose.

Over the years, stall designing and fabrication have developed through advanced technology, to create a variety of designs to suit multiple marketing and brand awareness goals.

Here’s why sticking to a reputed booth designer and also a good stall designing company has real benefits for creating a lasting impression on your potential clients:

1. Experienced Designers Exceed Expectations

  • The marketing team comes with expectations on how to position the brand, align with the year’s marketing message, and use the booth resources to target the exact audience for maximum benefit.
  • Experienced designers with a background of good stall designing course must become brand partners by combining with the marketing team’s efforts, and co-creating the space.
  • The designers should be able to understand and share blueprints of good exhibition booth designs, stall designing and fabrication techniques and educating marketing teams about what designs will pull the maximum crowd.
  • A reputed booth designer and stall designing company may also give a glimpse into what worked for one of the competitors. Such designers become lifelong event partners and drive healthy business for clients.

2. Making Your Brand Unique

  • While this might be implied for every brand looking to market itself, brands can sometimes give general instructions especially the ones who have not done a reputed stall designing course.
  • In marketing, the rulebook is usually empty: brands can adopt a mixture of innovative practices to catch their customer’s attention and have the sales agents take over discussions.
  • In our years of offering exhibition booth design and stall designing fabrication to a number of clients, we have always offered different ideas to create booth architecture that makes visitors in the area turn their heads.
  • We work towards the prospects noticing interesting features at the booth, like rotating LED lights, engaging technology, arenas showcasing brand products etc.
  • We also do a detailed analysis of how your competitors have built their booths especially at trade fairs in India. This allows better-informed decisions to be taken.

3. Using Creativity to Meet Your Event Goals

  • By being creative and hiring a good stall designing company, it can help you get on top amongst your product divisions. A good display can really attract potential customers.
  • Using an ample amount of creativity can give you enough leads for your sales team to convert.
  • The potential for thinking out of the box is limitless, and designers like us devote most of the time in planning, ideating, brainstorming with multiple client teams to arrive at the most impactful ways of promoting the brand at trade fairs in India.

4. Customizations to Match Your Brand Personality

  • While focusing on standing out and being creative is vital, marketing the event in a public space involves following specific brand guidelines and aligning with current marketing standards to achieve multiple goals.
  • Brand positioning is a key element that marketers will want to narrow down. Booth vendors must be able to express this differentiation through customized versions of their creative ideas or other artistic forms.
  • A lot of review and research takes place in order to maximize the prospects at a certain event. This especially happens during trade fairs in India.
  • The idea behind customizations is to convey the brand’s personality and deliver on the promises made.
  • Given visitors would see many booths, it is imperative to customize and deliver the promise of the brand as soon as the visitor chances upon your stall.

5. Adherence to SLAs – Promise of Quality and Timelines

  • Multiple discussions amongst numerous designers take place in full swing, especially when a designer or a stall designing company is on board.
  • Well-known booth designers have reached considerable scale not just because of the products delivered or their quality-leadership, but also due to their underlying discipline and following time frames.

In this industry, there are no chances of error. Reputed vendors with a background of good stall designing course, display excellence in all aspects related to service, delivery, quality assurance, and stakeholder coordination. This is possible by improving these parameters over the years.

Today, exhibitors are not well aware of the possibilities of exhibition stand designs due to reasons like:

  1. Lack of awareness.
  2. Merging with low-reputed design agencies.
  3. Confusion when multiple vendors target them without a personalized understanding of their requirements.

It is always good to consult with trade associations that have experience with trade fairs in India. These companies usually share unbiased advice on reputed booth designers and also come with great word of mouth and client testimonials.

Regardless of where you choose your booth at the exhibition floor, or even if you are on low-budget, well-regarded booth designers can innovate and create appealing solutions so your brand can stand out, even if it means custom designing a small portion of the booth to attract visitors.

Indorse has a distinguished client list that trusts us for all their major events. Drop a line to let us know how we could position you better at your next event.



Trade fair exhibitions are one of the best ways to market your product/service especially when you are in sectors such as manufacturing, enterprise software, medical devices or real estate.

There are many reasons why you should go to a trade show if you haven’t thought about it:

You can generate leads for your business via trade fair exhibitions.
You can talk to PR agencies and get the attention of the industry you are targeting for trade fair 2019.
You can find good quality distributors/suppliers at the relevant trade fair exhibition 2019.
You can talk to your competition and get a clear understanding of where you stand with respect to your competitors in trade fair exhibitions.
You can build rapport with your potential customers and understand their needs in person.
You can find good quality people from the industry that you can hire.

There is no dearth of reasons why you shouldn’t visit trade fair exhibition 2019, but there are several important dynamics that need to be understood if you are looking to maximize your impact in a trade show.

1. The cost that needs to be spent on a trade show needs to be considered:

Big companies can afford to outmatch your budget. So, it is wise that you get a clear understanding of the companies attending the tradeshow and choose a stall that is strategic in its position to attract your prospects at trade fair 2019.

Location is the most important factor to be considered when you are planning to go to a trade show. Get a floor plan if you need to.

2. Note down your goals from the event:

How do you classify a tradeshow as a success? Note down your goals from the event, be it a lead generation or brand awareness for trade fair exhibition 2019.

If you are attending a tradeshow only for brand awareness, let marketing run the show instead of a salesperson looking to “fetch” a deal in the tradeshow.

Multiple goals that are conflicting or confusing in nature should be avoided if you are looking to maximize your impact in the tradeshow.

If you feel lost or are struggling to get exhibition stall design ideas, feel free to reach out to us here and we would be glad to give you a consultation free of cost.

3. Are your competitors getting a booth in the tradeshow?
Do the preliminary research and also prepare a list of creative ideas to find out whether your competition is presenting in the trade fair 2019, this will help in enhancing your current strategy.

Go off centre, be it giving cookies or having a fun game that portrays your company’s personality and even motto.

Most people hardly look at booths around them and unless the company’s message stands out. Get into brainstorming sessions with your team to finalize one or two key messaging points that you would like to portray at the trade fair in Bangalore.

4. Pre-trade show outreach:

Ask your marketing team to research the contacts attending the event and fix up meetings before the date of the event.

Get your social media marketing teams to publicize the news of your company attending the event?

Preparation before the event is vital since most companies don’t get enough time to get on the spot meetings with relevant people.

5. Find out more about the key influencers attending the trade show:

Getting the key influencers to talk about your product/service goes a long way in getting good leads for the trade fair in Bangalore.

Ask your marketing team to do their due research and talk to the influencers personally about your product and how it might benefit the fraternity.

6. Lead generation & follow up:

If lead generation is one of your main objectives from the tradeshow or trade fair in Bangalore, make sure you note down the contact details of the people who attend the event and following up must always be a priority.

Segment the contacts using a priority level and email/call the leads within a week after the end of the event.

7. Document all the details diligently:

Be it in CRM or a different digitized system; document every single lead that you get. You can regard them later through the process of sending emails or phone calls.

Pass on the leads to the sales team if you feel that they require further consideration before they are ready for a product/service demo or purchase.

About us

As one of the best exhibition designer in India, we at Indorse help companies, be it small or big in achieving their goals as well as increase their sales leads as much as 200% or more through the use of our valuable insights and customized exhibition stall designs. We have done exhibition stall design and fabrication in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and other cities across India. Having done many trade exhibitions for companies such as Bosch, Carbide India, CSIR-NAL and Mintoshi, we are the right company to reach out to when it comes to trading shows and exhibitions. What are you waiting for? Trade Shows take a lot of preparation and effort if you ought to really make it successful and get desired results. We understand that as a company, you might not have the bandwidth to focus your full energies on what needs to be done to rock your presence in a tradeshow. So help us understand more about the goals of the trade show that you are planning to attend/attending. Get a free tradeshow assessment here from our technical experts who have attended myriad trade shows. We would be more than glad to help your firm figure out your goals from the next tradeshow and maximize the impact of attending it.



Exhibitions are one of the most popular platforms for brands to showcase their latest business and solutions to the larger audience. Over the course of the last few years, the approach to trade fair in India, exhibitions and branding has transformed to conquer the well-informed market and the target group. What were once large scale shows that brought together a variety of brands on a single platform have now become personalized.

With new experiences, trade fair companies in India are now hosting exhibitions which are customized for the audience and demographics to generate potential leads. Hence, here are the top ways in which exhibitors can generate high-quality potential leads through their showcase:

Right Brand Messaging – at First Glance

  • What may seem like the obvious often isn’t? The most important thing for any brand at an exhibition is to generate the right interest. That is not possible if the exhibition stall designing is generic by nature. Every brand should spend a reasonable amount of time in designing a stall. The idea is for it to be the showstopper of the event. The stand should include the brand’s message effectively, while also maintaining a unique element. It should be able to draw the attention of the audience towards itself.
  • Exhibition stall designing should have the ability to create an impact, and that is the hook that any exhibitor requires, to initiate an effective conversation with a potential customer.

Proactive Sales Team and on Ground Support

  • Once the brands have their audience hooked on to the stand, it becomes the responsibility of the exhibition organisers, the trade fair companies in India, sales team or the on-ground staff to engage with them. The team present at the booth should be alert and should know at what moment they should start indulging into a conversation with the potential customers.
  • This one on one conversation with the audience holds the ground for all the future transitions or up gradation that the brand will make in their solutions. This will help them understand the consumer demand in a better manner especially at the trade fair in India, and also get to know about the customer purchasing habits.
  • However, the on-ground team should be sufficient enough to know who the potential leads are, and who are window shoppers – present only to gather information. And with that knowledge, they should only engage with potential leads, while leaving the window shoppers within 1-2 minutes of the conversation. This is an important strategy used by trade fair companies in India.

Incorporate Call to Action Elements

  • Another best practice to gather the best of the elements from the exhibition is to get details of the potential leads. To do that, exhibitors should incorporate a call to action elements at their trade show display stands. This could be a short digital survey, which they would have to fill on the spot.
  • There are multiple manners through which exhibitors can manage this – either install vending machines or digital displays on the ground or have a dedicated person who ensures that the booth visitors have been registered with the brand. This tactic would help the brand to generate a large number of potential leads based on the exhibition they’ve participated in. Any leading exhibition stall designing company would be able to help the brands out with this concept.

Social Media Drive: Promote the Brand Throughout the Conference

  • With the onset of social media, it has become a key participant in all the marketing and branding strategies for each company. Hence, trade show marketing plays a key role in engaging with the audience and also generate visibility for the future.
  • Brands need to ensure that they constantly update their social media pages with pictures of designing a stall, quotes, videos and bites from the exhibition, like trade fair in Bangalore so that the potential audience is able to see the brand impact. In order to generate larger visibility, brands should also ensure that they use the right hashtags. Every exhibition would have their own hashtags to go with the event, and brands should have knowledge of using these so that they get noticed by the potential leads.
  • Social media strategy needs to be a key part of all the branding efforts taken up by the brand. Trade fair in Bangalore had a massive social media presence by using these techniques.

Follow up or Get Forgotten

  • Being in the last leg of the exhibition, it is important that brands follow up with the generated leads the very next day. Exhibitions are usually large scale, which implies, that each visitor must have visited multiple booths and met hundreds of people. Don’t expect them to remember unless the conversation was extremely outstanding. Hence, the exhibitors need to check up with all the leads by the very next day or at least in the same week.
  • The follow-ups for the high potential leads should definitely be done by using any narratives discussed during the conversation. Also, keep in mind that generic emails are not very well received by the audience, hence, try and personalize them as much as possible.
  • Personalization is at the heart of every customer communication today, and exhibitors should keep that in mind as they converse with their generated leads. The exhibitors from the trade fair in Bangalore followed up with your leads at a very regular interval.


The maximum sale leaders of our country make strategic plans to promote and market their brand exclusively. On such way includes participating in a trade fair in India.

The trade fair 2019 which is one of the eminent trade fairs in Bangalore has huge expectations from such young entrepreneurs. According to a review, it was concluded that such a trade fair in India does have disappointing results.
One of them got negative results when he promoted his business in such trade shows. His company dealt with designing a stall and stall designing and fabrication. The show had been a huge one. There were a large number of participants and customers too. But he did not get the response that he expected. Finally, he felt dejected for wasting such a huge amount at the trade fair in Bangalore.

The Three Phases which makes your trade shows effective:

Most of the successful trade fair in India basically had the following phases to yield maximum profit out of it

Phase 1: To Create

Creating a successful plan for a trade fair in India is essential. You need to book a booth at the trade show at least eight weeks before the main event. After creating a perfect plan you need to do the following before the show starts:
  • You set your goals from the very beginning.
  • While designing the stall for your trade show make sure it’s attractive enough which attracts maximum clients to it. If your company which deals with stall designing and fabrication, make sure you give out a promotion tag line which suits your product perfectly.
  • You should market your participation in such shows beforehand. You should let your clients and others through social media about your brand promotion in such fairs.
  • Train your employees the way they should present themselves in such trade shows. They must be focusing more on the people crossing their booths rather be busy on their phones.

Phase 2: To Dominate

Focus on the following in the trade fair 2019 to dominate the market and get maximum response from it:
  • Have a set of questions to be asked in the pre-meetings before the show. These questions should be relevant enough to make you stand out among others in the trade fair.
  • People think pitching helps in such trade shows. But you are mistaken. Pitching for your products does not help as you do not get undivided attention from your clients in such trade fairs. So try to initiate meaningful conversations with your customers so that they come back later for your products.
  • Trade fair in Bangalore usually aims in building relationships and having good networking between varied businessmen. Build relationships which last even after the show. Whoever attends your booth give them a unique experience.

Phase 3: To Generate

  • Message back your clients within forty-eight hours of the show.
  • Send back some personal touches over a period of a few weeks.
  • After the trade fair 2019 be creative to send handwritten messages like the way you gave your personal touches while designing the stall for your booth.
  • Trade fair in India yields you a maximum response when you continue your relationship with your clients even after the trade show. Connect with them on social media and build your networks more.
  • Initiate deals which would make such clients have the urge to meet you eventually.
  • A large amount of profit demand son what you exactly do after the trade show is over. It all depends on your PR skills to get your networking to work effectively.

Trade shows are always targeted towards a specific industry. It involves people who are interested in different aspects related to that industry. Trade shows showcase a lot of new and unique services at every different event which in turn helps in gaining a lot more potential customers. A stall designing company really benefits from the trade shows.
Attending a trade show as an exhibitor really helps in the marketing mix of business through stall designing and fabrication and exhibition stall designing.  Below mentioned are five reasons as to why Trade shows hold great importance.

1. Increase In Potential Leads

There is always a massive increase in the number of leads that happens due to trade shows. The potential list of buyers or clients drastically increases due to trade shows. Generating better leads for your business is definitely one of the most important reasons. It must be understood that lead generation is highly important to any business. It directly impacts the revenue of a company. Bringing in better customers is the key to a good business.

2. Expansion of a Brand

If you are running a business, then your main goal would be to expand your skills, services and products to a higher range of customers. A stall designing company can greatly expand their brand and services through trade shows and profit from their exhibition stall designing. Trade shows are definitely the best way to get your product or service in front of existing customers as well as new ones.

3. Building a Network

Any businessman knows the importance of networking and building good relations with people from other industries. Networking greatly helps in building a better brand. Trade shows offer a great amount of opportunity to create such bonds and professional relationships. One can even get a lot of new ideas for stall designing and fabrication through the process of trade show networking.

4. Enhancing Digital and Media Exposure

We live in a digitally sound world now. The impact of social media especially has risen to another level now. Trade shows greatly help in digital marketing of the brand. For any business, be it big or small, a stable social media presence is of extreme importance. Trade shows help to enhance your media presence and create a certain trust amongst the potential clients. A stall designing company can greatly uplift their media presence through trade shows and also get better clients for exhibition stall designing. Social media is definitely ruling the world these days.

5. Market Testing

Participating or attending trade shows can help any business company to test their product or service in front of a diverse audience. A stall designing company can test out their new designs in front of many potential leads to get a better understanding of what people would prefer. Stall designing and fabrication can be enhanced in a better way by participating in trade shows. Trade shows possess a lot of importance and being a part of one can really show some great results for any business, be it small scale or big.

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