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Custom Stall Design

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No matter what industry you belong to or what the size of your project is, we can DESIGN, BUILD, and MANAGE the stalls for your exhibitions. Equipped with years-full of experience and pocket-full of creativity, we provide custom, versatile and high-quality solutions, every single time you have a requirement.


Starting from conceptualising and ideating to designing and building; our highly skilled and experienced team takes full responsibility for your exhibition displays, while also winning your hearts over logistics and on-site implementation. Our long-term engagement with local technicians who understand the market and our own production space make us deliver engineered solutions to your custom design requirements.

For Enquiries

This Is How We Roll

Step 1


Design Creation:
We analyse the kind of designs you are seeking and then ideate on that basis to meet your requirements.
Concept presentation:
We present the first concept along with a ballpark estimate, post which we also offer a second iteration or a different version if required. Should you request for more than three options, we require a refundable deposit of INR 5,000 which later gets adjusted in your invoice.
Cost estimation: 
After you select the design you want to go ahead with, we take everything into estimation to give you proper costing of the project.

Step 2


Signing the contract: We request the down payment for the project and make sure the terms and conditions are aligned with what we discussed.

Graphic art exploration & show service: We get the graphic approvals and order the necessary services and products and maintain the invoice.

Building and staging: After completion, we help you preview the booth through camera, website portal or in person, prior to exhibit shipping.

Step 3


On-site assistance: We provide exceptional on-site assistance on the day of the exhibition so that nothing gets left behind un-supervised.

Booth location: We offer QR codes and Cards Scanner with the help of our software My Fair Tool to make sure it is easy to locate the booth.

Pre-show meeting: Right before the show starts, we get together for a small meeting to make sure everything is running smoothly and make ourselves approachable if a situation arises.

Step 4


Tearing it down: We extend all support in helping you dismantle the booth after the exhibition is over.

Instant follow-up: We help you with strategising the right email marketing, strategies and templates to convert leads into customers, with the lead capture and instant follow-up feature of myfairtool.

Post-show service: More than simply helping you follow-up, we make sure you get extra support to optimise your booth success.


3D – Rendering

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We are a leading team of dynamic individuals experienced in all aspects of designing, 3D modeling and rendering. We create samples that offer a real view of how it will look like in the end. This kind of a concept gives you leverage in choosing your designs that most appeal to you, thereby, reducing your costs and increasing the value of your stall.


It lies in our expertise to understand your specific needs and evaluate them to give you a clear picture of meeting your objectives. And this is what keeps us ahead of the competition – our deep interest in knowing where you see yourself towards a particular exhibition or event.

3D – Design & Fabrication

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With methods focused on little details and clarity, we always keep an eye out for new technologies to offer most up-to-date 3D designing and fabrication. Our designs are backed by intense research and creative thought process to develop pieces that get transformed into a dream-like reality.


Our engagement with bright minded experts offers an international appeal to get your brand a new life each time. Since no two exhibitions are same, our approach towards each is also very individualistic and dynamic. This not only provide a platform for success but also a great way of brand promotions. We call it a win-win!

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