Employ the Right Experts to Design Your Next Booth | INDORSE

Trade show events are a great platform for exhibitors to meet their potential clients and connect with them. One of the factors that ensure a positive response is an eye-catching booth design.

It not only attracts the target audience but also aptly represents your company, the first step you need to take towards it is to enlist the right experts to design your booth. Only a trade show with the right experts can prove to be effectively engaging and help you reach your estimated goals for the event.

In order to significantly reduce the chances of miscues simultaneously increasing the overall performance of the marketing program, and making the leading key stakeholders in the organization to feel that the trade show is worth the investment.

Here are some of the things you need to ensure before you get down to assigning personnel for the show:

  1. Evaluate the personality and disposition of potential team members in a manner that the roles assigned are the best fit for who they are as people.
  2. Make sure there is a right mix of skill sets to represent the company so that there is a balance.
  3. Be sure to clearly outline the expectations and responsibilities that the team needs to prepare themselves for before the show.
  4. Make sure the staff knows what it is that your company is looking to accomplish by participating in the show.
  5. Do not rush. Take sufficient time to think about your organisation’s goals for the show, and make a list of skills, competencies, and knowledge that would be required of the experts working on the show.

It is trade fair services like INDORSE that make the job of getting the right experts for an event easier.

Whether it is to assist you in assessing the choices available for display or building a custom trade show exhibit from scratch, they serve as a source of expertise and support during your exhibiting journey.

But how do you know that the experts you choose are right for you?

How do you decide if they will prove to have a rewarding, helpful, and ultimately productive relationship with your company?

Here are a few qualities that can put your doubts to rest:

Proven expertise

This is important for any trade show booth design. Before hiring an expert, you must know how knowledgeable and experienced they are in the trade show industry. One indication is the length of time they have been in the business.

You are looking to find someone who has been in the business for years and will be better equipped to handle your exhibiting needs and any problems that come up during the course of designing the booth. That, however, should not necessarily be a deal breaker.

After all, you can avail the same quality of services from a newbie provided that you have made a careful selection.

Comprehensive Services

You must hire experts who would be able to offer you comprehensive services i.e they must offer broader services even if you employ only a few of them.

For example, a company may offer trade show services like transportation, installation/dismantling etc in addition to the design services.

This is helpful in gaining reliable support during the event. Also, by having a company that offers other services as well, you set yourself up for a wholesome and satisfying trade show experience.

Personalised Design Process

Every exhibitor has different needs from each other even if you have the same goal. However, even if the desired end result is the same, the way you go about achieving that goal will be different because of how your brand’s personality is.

After all, you are a unique brand by yourself. This is why it becomes important to look for a company that provides a personalized design process rather than one that tries to fit you in a box. Here, you will be able to choose your needs and create a design that is tailored to your specific needs, thus capturing your individuality in the custom trade show exhibit.

Look for experts who would provide you with a personal consultation before the design process, ones that are willing to listen and respond to your vision and goals for the display, provide you with 3D renderings, and offer you suggestions that align with your specific exhibiting needs.


More often than not, creativity is underestimated among exhibitors. Little does one realize that it is one of the secret ingredients to making a successful display.

Creative solutions can go a long way in helping you find a way to incorporate the right features even when you are on tight budgets. A creative design layout or feature might be a component that would stand out from the competition and help you capture the target’s attention.

Experts that demonstrate their openness to new ideas and innovation are the ideal ones for you to hire when you are looking to design your next booth. Trade show service companies like Indorse ensure that they not only have specialists with experience but also have a creative mindset towards their work.