MOD or Modular Designing has become very popular in the design industry today. This is something that the creative designing and infrastructure industries are adopting so fast because it is resulting as a boon for the enterprise.

What is MOD?

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Modular design is also known as skids. This is nothing but developing the modularity of any specific stall or booth that have been predesigned and further need to be remoulded.
MOD is a practical approach in the design theory which helps the professionals subdividing a system into smaller parts called modules or skids. It is basically an eco-friendly system and usage of paints and other chemical products are prohibited.

MOD is all about Adapting of the Next Gen Technology!

The best part of adapting this technicality of MOD is it can be independently created and then used in different methods. Hence it is very flexible and durable.
The MOD design for your stall can be characterized in different levels. Being professionals we can make it functional in terms of partitioning the infra into discrete, durable, reusable modules. And also by using the technology we developed our own modular interfaces that help your stalls to stand apart from the crowd.

How MOD Designing Work in Real?

In these settings of MOD, the quality depends at every component level. The activity may sound easy but attention to detail and finally giving it a qualitative finishing touch still holds the real task.

Modular designs have a single dimension segment slot ability. In MOD a measured framework with this restricted seclusion is commonly known as a staged framework that utilizations secluded segments and the patterns are Auto stages or the USB port in CE stages.

Our Attention to Detail

Being so minutely detailed in terms of quality still there are lots of companies keeps a back foot while taking this challenge. We at INDORSE have developed over time on learning MOD. Providing stunning modular services was in our vision since the very beginning and knew where the designing era is going. Hence you can call us a PRO.
While it comes to MOD we started taking baby steps in the year of 2011. Now we are an even in the industry. INDORSE is been well recognized for its detailed MOD services throughout the country and we have dealt with a handful of big brands.

Why Modular Design Is The Next Cool Thing For You? | Your Benefits!

Over the years we have also been successful to make our clients understand that why should they go for modular designing. We are thankful that we had a 99% conversion and 100% retention.

It’s hard to resist the benefits of Modular Designing which comprises –

Reduction in cost (due to less customization)
Shorter learning time
Flexibility in design
Non-generationally constrained augmentation or updating (adding new solution by merely plugging in a new module)
Exclusion etc.

Modular designing also reduces your –

Product development cost
O&M Cost
Time for designing

And tell you what, the final benefit that you get out of this process is –

Returning margins to scale
Getting a better crowd to the stall due to attractive designing
And finally a better lead generation

We have been providing modular designing successfully to our clientele. And we are open to new challenges. As you find that those benefits are alluring for your company, please leave us a message that we can assist you with this whole modular designing process.

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