Latest Trends in Trade Show Booth Designs | INDORSE

  • To fully put your invested money to good use, you need to have a tradeshow booth that is eye-catching and unique. Sometimes, it feels that the only constant in the marketing industry is its rapid evolution.

– The latest design trends
– The technological advancements
– The unique use of materials, etc.

It can be quite exciting to catch up with emerging trends. You might call it architecture or the art of attracting customers, which goes beyond the confines of a booth. Trade show displays which are not able to strike a chord with customers at first look area sure shot recipe for business loss.

Each year there are a plethora of new trends at trade events that serve different industries, which have also realised that it is about the total customer experience. There are various fresh booth concepts as well as out of the box evaluation tools to engage new attendees in marketing your firm at trade shows.

Some trends are merely evolving while some are new and will develop over time to capture the markets.

1. Retro Outlook

The eighties had a lovely feel to that era and late ’80s were even more mystical and magical. Ever since it had been riding on our memories with a smoky nostalgia of pastels and neons, which are again an in-thing in exhibit displays.

However, it needs to be done quite tastefully as not everyone fancies pastels or even 80s.

2. Striking Colors

It is an exciting fact that X-styled lighting system is coming back to trend. If you are keen to make your display stand out, use coloured lighting on the overhead array.

As light are an important tool, its absence or presence can hugely impact the whole look of your booth. Draw people in for a closer look, without taking away the element of surprise by too much lighting.

3. Technology: Changing Face of Booths

Technology is fast creeping into trade shows to make display booths more appealing.

Almost all companies are encouraging the integration of technology in their booths to gather attendee’s data. Virtual reality is one such big hit with companies to appeal to those who find it difficult to attend trade show events.

Apart from that, interactive games at the booth can improve attendee engagement and help collate and collect their data.

4. Personal Connections do Matter

There can be no replacement to the vital role the connections, be it personal or professional, play at trade shows.

People who visit your booth will end up discussing it with their staff, thereby encouraging them to learn more about your company and become a lead. Just like technology, this trend is getting popular with each passing day and is here to stay.

A marketing event with the well thought out theme will help give a clear sense of direction of your products and services.

5. Engage the Senses

How about making your booth a multi-sensory experience?

We bet, you already like the ‘sound’ of it! Think of ways to engage more than one or two senses, without overwhelming the attendees.

Imagine how alive your booth can be if they can feel, smell, taste, see and touch an experience that you are providing them at the show. If you have not changed your display designs for a long time, then it is only time to give it a thought because as we know, change is the only constant. .