The Golden Period Of Trade Show Marketing | INDORSE

Brands and companies are evolving at a pace like never before!

This has also lead to increased competition between them. It has now become essential for companies to excite their customers with unique and new-found methods. Trade shows and seminars are not untouched by this wave of the change. Either and companies are deploying some of the best trade show marketing methods to capture leads and win over customers.

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What Exactly Is Trade Show Marketing?

Trade Show Marketing is a way of generating leads, nurturing prospects, building brand awareness and enhancing customer relationships.

Unlike in the past, trade show exhibitions these days include glitz and glamour and top class arrangements to attract more customers.

Companies invest in significant resources to amaze people with their creativity. But unfortunately, that alone cannot guarantee success. You need to have a marketing plan in place months before the actual exhibition.

Why Is This Decade The Golden Period For Trade Show Marketing?
Science and Technology

With the advancement of science, comes an era of advanced technology as well. Even small businesses cannot think of working without technology. The last ten years have seen an increasing trend of wireless connectivity and substantial HD displays which are tremendously used in these events.

From wireless to LCD, and all other technology that was once out of limits, have become an essential part of any trade show in the last ten years. If you talk about what it can do, people are sending in telepresence robots in their place if due to location constraints they cannot attend a particular exhibition. Impressive, right?

Immense Growth in Social Media

There has been massive growth when it comes to social media as well. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc. are used by various exhibitors to advertise their products. And then, there are those who totally ignore the potential of these platforms and lose the chance to advertise their best.

Social media is one of the best stages to market your brand, especially if you are digital savvy. You can provide customers/attendees with discounts, post relevant information on social media pages, and earn yourself an enormous potential for promoting and attracting the audience to your trade shows.

Geo-targeting options have made it even more accessible to attract people who might be nearby, even if they were unaware of the event.

Providing Substance

Gone are the days when it was all about the messaging.

Now the advanced marketing and analytical tools at hand, exhibitors are going beyond plain messaging and into offering more substance by making a great customer experience, the invention of more innovative products and services and delivery of functional objectives possible.

Marketers across the industry are raising the bar by making their goals customer-centric and consistently providing excellent customer experience. This exceptional growth in marketing tools and techniques in the last decade has made it possible to not only have a real-time impact but also evaluate it.

Making it Swift

The dawn of the golden age of marketing has already begun with a swift. Well, quite literally!

Marketing is no longer a ‘period’ process but an ongoing one. With a swift change in consumer preferences, dynamics of product life cycles, and techniques; it has made marketers aware of the fact that they have to deliver at a much higher velocity than before. And since complexity is the biggest enemy of speed, it has also encouraged marketers to have simplified products and strategies, which are easy to understand and execute.

Although, we can confidently say that the advancements which have been taking place since the last decade have been the most important for trade shows and this indeed is the golden era of trade show marketing.

These are a few questions that you can ask yourself to make sure you are at the right pace:

  1. Are you slower or faster than your competitors?
  2. Do you fully exploit the power of various social media platforms?
  3. Do you have a clear story of your brand which captures the minds of the customers?
  4. Are you making the most of marketing and technical tools available to upscale your growth?
  5. Are you taking full advantage of the science and data insights uncovered through research for your brand?