Top Tips for Your Exhibition Booth Staff | INDORSE

While your display plays a pivotal role in attracting visitors to your booth, many times exhibitors don’t realise that good staffs play an equal role.

To accrue maximum benefit out of a trade event booth, it is crucial to hire the right staff. A polite and smart booth staffer can make all the difference to your trade show by enhancing the brand name and boosting sales at the right time. If there is no polished and engaging team behind the booth representing your business, visitors can quickly flee to a more knowledgeable and welcoming booth.

                                                                              So, what do you do?

You cannot spend too much of your budget hiring esteemed professionals, nor can you completely leave it to chance. It is, in fact, a common dilemma in every type of industry when it comes to hiring the right staff.

To guide you in selecting a dream booth staff team, let’s have a look at some tips below:

1. Are they motivated enough?

Select staffers who are genuinely interested in staffing your booth motivation is the key, even if they don’t have the highest IQ. Try to understand if they at least have the right attitude and aptitude then, gradually train them for the show.

Booth staffers need to be trained not to dwell upon giving too much history of the company but wisely disseminate information based on the present situation.

2. Are they experienced enough?

Trade shows are a great way to make an effective first impression, and for many businesses, it might just be the first time that they are exhibiting.

In that case, don’t let an inexperienced person squander your reputation who won’t be able to handle questions from the attendees or provide relevant information about the company. Make sure they know enough of the objectives of your company and are well aligned with your goals.

3. Do they have the right attitude?

What happens when you realise that you have been talking to someone who actually doesn’t want to talk to you? The situation gets awkward, right?

To avoid such a situation to happen at your booth, it is imperative that you choose only those representatives who actually want to be there. Visitors can catch in a nano-second if the conversation is forced from their side and leave your booth in half of that nano-second.

4. Do they know enough about your products?

While they may know nothing about your company and its offerings when they expressed interest in working behind the booth, it can tell a lot about them if they came prepared and had at least some information about your products.

Needless to say, product training cannot be underestimated, especially if you are planning to launch new products during the trade show. Right product knowledge ensures that they can communicate effectively and efficiently to the attendees and help them build trust in you.

Booth staffers at any trade show represent your brand like ambassadors, and so what they do and say can have a great impact on your business.

Your trade show will be successful only if you have the right team backing you up, especially when you are not physically there. Don’t underestimate the power of who is handling your booth at the event, as it could be the deal breaker.