Top Trends in Exhibition Stall Designing We Swear By | INDORSE

2018 is the time when customers have become more aware of their demands and their patience for anything else has noticeably decreased.

As a seller, you need to keep up with the trends and cater to them something that would prove to be engaging and fruitful.

Here are some of the trends that have started making rounds that we believe will take your trade show a long way and significantly increase customer engagement.


At a trade show, what matters most is the visitor’s total experience – one that is beyond the confines of a booth.

Employing new materials and textures can enhance user experience and can prove to be a game changer this year. Keep in mind that booth design is no longer just about architecture which makes it important for you to treat the trade show environment as such.

We help you focus on the human-centric space at the trade show by analysing the design ideas you have in mind and aligning them with the needs of potential customers.

Social Media

The advent of social media has met with heavy integration in everyday life and that also includes the role social media plays in promoting a trade show. It is social media that encourages engagement with customers at times when fewer people prefer face to face communication.

Although this seems contradictory to the aim of trade shows or exhibitions which prioritize offline engagement, using social media in the right manner can boost the presence of attendees at your show.

We will provide you with the best of technology to come up with engaging posts. These posts could range from images, videos, location, and even incentives for attendees for visiting your booth.

Charging Stations

One strategy that is bound to attract traffic and get a potential client to stay at a booth space for an extended period of time is to incorporate charging stations as a part of your booth.

These accessories offer the audience a service that is for the most part, high in demand at any venue. This also gives you an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation to promote your products.

The tactic comes in handy at a time when attention span for many has been significantly reduced over the period of time.

Sensory Engagement

Because trade shows are meant to be a multi-sensory experience, tactile elements like wood or cardboard do really well with beautiful lights, stunning sound effects, or fragrances that might garner attention.

It is possible that engaging all senses simultaneously can prove to be too overwhelming for the audience, but that’s where the creativity of a successful booth designer lies.

We have a team of able designers who can pull those unique elements and bring the space to life and incorporate sights, sounds, smells and experiences that are bound to wow the audience.

Year-long Program

This year, look at every event (say trade shows, exhibitions, etc) as a part of a holistic program. Instead of approaching every show on the calendar as an isolated event, this year we will help you give your show a creative spin.

Starting with organizing the show calendar into tiers, aligning different elements of the marketing plan so that they work in concert with each other, and then maximizing spending and the effectiveness of the program are some of the steps involved in this process.

Furniture and Flooring

Since trade shows are all about creating a positive experience for the audience and getting exposure for the company, our aim is to have the audience walk out of the trade show with a new vision and excitement for the products that they have witnessed.

It could involve modern booth furniture and fixtures like modern lighting. Incorporating furniture and flooring meant for lounging is a great way of attracting the audience and leaving a lasting impression on them.

We, INDORSE believe that it is this trend that will allow you to sell your product and create meaningful relationships with your customers simultaneously.

This is because creating a fun and welcoming environment for the attendees is not only relaxing but also makes them receptive to new ideas.