Trade Show Booth Success Secrets | INDORSE

“Be audacious and memorable but smart and relevant.” – Ken Krogue.

These could very well be your top secrets for a successful trade show booth. You must have noticed some booths doing exceptionally well at trade shows than others as if they know what exactly goes into the secret recipe of their success.

Good thing is, we have listed below that secret formula for you, which is applied behind every successful trade show booth experience.

1. The power of first impressions

Studies tell us that the first opinion of someone is formed in just one-tenth of a second. Not surprisingly, it works the same for brands as well. In fact, it takes one-fifth of a second to form an opinion about the design of a website when we first look at it.

A creative booth can give you a much-needed edge over others at the show. For example, check out this brilliant booth design. They seem to know exactly what their brand imagery is doing here. Make your booth stand out. It’s all about first impressions.

2. The art of being approachable

In addition to having a creative booth look, it is equally important to make sure you have some friendly faces behind the booth to attend customers who might be looking for some additional information.

It also helps to have different display selections to appeal to different kinds of buyers. Since most of us prefer to see than read, it makes a high definition impact if interactive HD displays are enhancing the understanding of your products and services.

3. Think about how you invite

Appearing good is one thing, having people actually come drifting to your booth is another. More often than not, we all get attracted to places where we have more chances of getting ‘something’ in return.

Maybe you can introduce a game or two! Who doesn’t like to win? Interactive activities, promotional giveaways, stickers, neon bands with your logo on it, are some of the things, which if worn/held by the attendees can leave a great impact on others too.

4. Make your products self-informing

It is possible that not all brands find a way to display themselves in an easy and creative manner. So, what do they do? They present their products and services in an interactive manner, which attract the crowd.

Touch screens are one such blessing which makes everyone want to tap a finger or two. Not only does this generate interest, but it also makes the attendees explore deep into the offerings and your brand in general.

5. People always remember an experience

We all are highly receptive to great experiences that leave a lasting impact. Charity Water has excelled this part of their marketing plan.

During one of the trade shows, they invited people to walk with 40lb jugs of water across 50 yards to give them a taste of what people in remote villages feel like while fetching clean drinking water from miles away!

Didn’t it leave an impact just by reading about it? Charity Water created an experience, which visitors couldn’t help but connect with. That’s how powerful an experience can be.

6. Always count your top clients in

Do you think it will be great to have clients who are already invested in your products at your trade shows?

We think so! It is a lot easier to get people who have bought your products and services before than those who are buying for the first time.

To make it big, always buy your best clients a ticket to your next show. It will give you an automatic return on investment and goes without saying, will increase your brand value by multifold.

7. Don’t just sell

Have you found it odd when people are only talking about themselves and take no interest in you?

Imagine if you are doing the same thing with your prospects. The best way to spark an interest in your brand is to show interest in others first. Ask them what they do and where they come from, what brought them to the trade show, etc to get a hint of what they are looking for.

Naturally, they will respond with an answer and a follow-up question. Keep doing it and you will be a natural at attracting customers!

8. Little hospitality goes a long way

A cup of soothing tea or strong coffee, some cookies and comfortable seating, and they will already feel like home. To enhance this warm feeling, even more, you can probably label the eateries as homemade.

Doesn’t it automatically make you feel connected?

Treat them like you would anyone else if they walked into your home – the best place to exchange generosity and interest. People won’t be able to help the ‘welcoming’ feeling they get at your booth and they might just return the same.

9. Don’t forget to follow up & Quick

The longer you wait to follow up with your visitors, the sooner they will forget about you.

Since they must have attended many different booths and as much as you would like to believe that you were different, it is slightly tough to remember how you were different and who you were in the first place.

10. Reach out quickly

The day after the show, end them an email or approach through their preferred form of communication and extend the same experience, feeling and atmosphere to them.


Make full use of your vision and see that getting manifested in the most creative manner. Don’t go over the top if it doesn’t serve your purpose.

Be true to your objective and string that into the rope of impactful experiences. Make it worth their time. And yours. Before you go, take a look at some of the creative booths here and get inspired for your next big customer experience.